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Fawn Lake Resident Benefits

Fawn Lake Resident Benefits

All around the club are situated beautiful, spacious homes for families who value respite from hectic city life. Our neighbors are our friends, and we offer a special benefit “Member for a Day” to those non-club-members who are members in good standing of the FLCA.  The “Member for a Day” program provides the following benefits:

Golf and Tennis

Once per calendar quarter on a non-cumulative basis, these residents may use the golf and tennis facilities for up to four people, including guests. These privileges are subject to availability and payment of standard guest fees. Golf facilities are not available on Mondays.

Harbor Club

Additionally, once each calendar quarter, resident non-club members may use the Harbor Club for their entire household including guests. All fees and charges are to be paid by credit card.

Owners of Multiple Lots & Renters

Non-club members who own multiple lots are entitled to use the “Member for a Day” benefits on a per lot basis. In the case where residences are under rental contract, either the owner or the renter may use the benefits, but not both. Some type of notification from the owner giving permission of the renter to use the “Club Member for a Day” benefit must be provided.

Please note that a round of golf, a tennis session, or a meal at the Harbor Club as the guest of another member and/or family member will count toward the “Member for a Day” authorized usage.

Don’t miss out! If you are a resident of Fawn Lake but not yet a member of the country club, talk with us about the benefits of club membership. Your neighbors are waiting to welcome you.

CALL TODAY to become a member for a day to experience all that our club has to offer