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Refer A Member

Refer A Member

Our members are our best advocates, because they know firsthand the sense of belonging and camaraderie awaiting them at Fawn Lake Country Club. When our current members refer new members to the good life, everybody wins. If a referral results in membership within 90 days of receipt of the referral form by FLCC, the referring member will receive a Club Gift Card for use at the Harbor Club or the Golf and Tennis Shop. The Referral amount will be determined by the category of the joining member.

  • Full Golf $350
  • Sports $250
  • Junior Executive $200
  • Tennis $150
  • Social $100
Fawn Lake Member Referral Form

The referring member must ensure that the joining member completes the Membership Sponsor portion of the FLCC Application for Membership. If a name is submitted twice, the Club Gift Card will be given to the member whom the joining member states as there referring member at the time of joining. If referral does not result in membership within 90 days, the referring member may resubmit the Membership Referral form. The Club Gift card will expire one year from date of award. This program is subject to change at any time.
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