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Adult Clinics

Adult Clinics

Cardio Tennis Clinic: 1 Hour Clinic

Drills and games are designed to promote movement, fun, and learning. Emphasis is on aerobic exercise. As much instruction as possible, while still allowing for a fast-paced, flowing clinic.

Play with The Pros: 1.5 Hour Clinic

Live-ball and point play with our tennis instructors mixing in. While allowing play to move at a quick pace, our coaches will point out what was performed well and what could have been performed better, both technique and strategy wise throughout play.

Ball Machine Drills: 1 Hour Clinic

Hit hundreds of balls under the supervision of FLCC Tennis Director, Brian Ratzlaff USPTA. Emphasis is on technique, sound footwork and conditioning. Class is designed for players 3.0 and above.

Adult Clinic/Drill: 1.5 Hour Clinic

A different stroke will be emphasized each week. After a brief warm-up period, drills on that stroke will be introduced, followed by point or match play.

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