To all the Fawn Lake diners, drinkers and dancers… this blog is for you! There are five types of memberships at the club, but we all have one very important thing in common. We are all Social! Fawn Lake isn’t the same club as we were a few years ago. There are more of us, we are younger and older – and we have different interests. That makes our club a special place with an amazing community of members you would never expect in the middle of the Wilderness! The Harbor Club restaurants and bars are fabulous and the entertainment opportunities that you can enjoy are unmatched by a club of our size. Take advantage of them! Come to the club house, meet your friends and get to know your neighbors. But more importantly… get involved. Fawn Lake Country Club shines brightest when our members get involved. Help us put together the best parties, festivals, fancy dinners and special events. If you aren’t already part of the fun, join the Social Committee, Wine Society or Harbor Women. You’ll be glad you did. If making memories means something, FLCC is the right place for you.