I am sharing an email from our Superintendent with his permission.

Hi all, Just touching base so you’re up to speed. We are still in ICU as far as bent grass goes on greens and tees, but the weather should break soon in our favor.

Wet Wilt and scald are the biggest issues on tees. The frequent rains in July and August were the culprit.

Summer disease pressure on greens was and is very extreme as well.

Additionally, preventive weed control measures taken earlier in the year are no longer effective as can be seen by the goosegrass population that has exploded since late July. We have begun making weed control apps on tees, but cannot treat greens until they are healthier.

The September 12/13 greens aeration consisted of .2” diameter coring tines set to a very shallow depth and tight spacing. The clean-up was easy and there was very little, if any, sand involved. We will add seed to thin areas (entire green in some cases) and will likely raise mowing heights slightly to help accommodate new seed and weak turf. If this process goes well, then we’ll use it again on Oct. 10/11.

The November 15/16 work will be based on status of recovery and weather at the time.

This article that came out today pretty much sums up our recent struggles: Heat and Storms


Please fix your ball marks on our fragile greens. They need Dave’s care, they need your’s!

– Keith Armstrong